Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Moment's Breath...

...On the path to Pedagogy.
Behind me: the treacherous, yet scenic trail that was this year. A shortcut that wasn't so short, but was well worth the ache.
In front of me: seemingly as many paths as there are atoms composing them.
I found practice, lying there at the bottom of a gorge.
I plunged down and pulled myself back to level ground with it between my teeth, breaking apart in my mouth, already moving to those of my cells that needed nourishment most.
Atop a vast plateau, I found theory, choking out of existence in the thinest air.
I climbed up just as it prepared to fall back into its vacuousness, carried it across my shoulders and revived it.
We walk together, travel companions.
I stopped at the tinkerers' shop, looking for technology.
I walked off with a compass and a staff and a horn to summon other travelers, who leave the light of their campfires in the forests through which they pass.

This is Path to Pedagogy, signing out.

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